Easy recipes with ONLY ingredients + instructions.

Benoit Duffez

Hi, I'm Benoit Duffez, a French web developer living in California.

I got frustrated with recipes with a lot of text and pictures, so I decided to create this website where you can get easy recipes with only ingredients and instructions.

You can find 3 types of recipes: done in 30 minutes, in a slow cooker, and cocktail recipes.

Let's be honest, this is how online recipes look like ↝


George Clooney reading a recipe online

Introducing La Liche.

Easy to use recipes, nothing else.

Easy to make dinner or lunch box for tomorrow, no headache.

30-minute recipe — Quiche Lorraine Quiche Lorraine

Prepare your dinner before leaving in the morning, come home with an awesome smell and a meal already prepped.

Slow cook recipe — stuffed bell peppers Stuffed bell peppers

Simple recipes to relax or enjoy your evening with a refreshing drink.

Cocktail recipe — Old Fashioned Old Fashioned

It's free to use and requires no account.


There's an app for that.

The app comes with more features, including a barcode scanner, compatibility rating, and easier AI ingredient selection.

Add your products in seconds with the barcode scanner in the app


Recipes now show with a compatibility score!


Recipe matching rating with your ingredients

Use AI to generate a recipe with the ingredients you have.

Always dreading for ideas?



  1. Open the fridge *no idea*
  2. Open pantry *no idea*
  3. Open the fridge again *still no idea*
  4. ???
  5. Man, what's for dinner?? 😪



  1. 📷 Scan your products
  2. ☑️ Select the ones you want to use
  3. 🪄 Generate a recipe
  4. ???
  5. 🤑 Profit

Instead of opening the fridge twice to get inspiration, just scan a few of the products you have in your fridge and pantry, and have AI generate a recipe for you.

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