Photo of Alaska Cocktail Alaska Cocktail Photo of Algonquin Algonquin Photo of Allegheny Allegheny Photo of Angel Face Angel Face Photo of Artillery Artillery Photo of Black Russian Black Russian Photo of Bloody Maria Bloody Maria Photo of Bloody Mary — Bloody Mary Coctail with celery stalk.
Evan Swigart from Chicago, USA Bloody Mary Blue Lagoon Photo of Chocolate Martini — © Benoit Duffez Chocolate Martini Photo of Daiquiri Daiquiri Daiquiri Photo of Dry Martini Dry Martini Gin tonic Photo of Kentucky Mule — © Benoit Duffez Kentucky Mule Photo of Lemon Drop — © 9 November 2013, 21:35 Schezar from New York City, USA Lemon Drop Photo of Long Island Tea Long Island Tea Ma Chère Amie Photo of Magic Covfefe — Benoit Duffez Magic Covfefe Photo of Manhattan Manhattan Photo of Maple Lime Bourbon Sour — © Benoit Duffez Maple Lime Bourbon Sour Photo of Margarita — © Benoit Duffez Margarita Photo of Moscow Mule — © Will Shenton Moscow Mule Photo of Negroni Negroni Photo of Old Fashioned — © Benoit Duffez Old Fashioned Raspberry Lime Vodka Sex on the beach Suze Tonic Photo of Tequila lemon drop — © Benoit Duffez Tequila lemon drop Photo of Vodka Martini — © 26 September 2015, 13:53:21 Ralf Roletschek Vodka Martini Photo of Whiskey Sour Whiskey Sour Photo of Wine Mule — © Benoit Duffez Wine Mule
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