3.00 cup Pasta
1.00 cup Parmesan
3.00 x Egg yolk
1.00 pinch Black pepper
0.25 pound Pancetta


- you can replace the minced pancetta with lardons or shredded bacon.
- it is usually done with spaghetti, but you can cook this with your favorite pasta.

1. Cook the pasta
2. In a bowl, mix the egg yolks with the parmesan and pancetta
All the parmesan should be absorbed in the yolks, and there should not be any liquid yolk (add parmesan if necessary)
3. Drain the pasta but keep one to two inches of water in the pan
4. Pour the pasta and water in the bowl and stir well until the water is mixed with the parmesan-yolk mixture
5. Serve and top with black pepper

Photo of Pasta alla carbonara — © Benoit Duffez

© Benoit Duffez

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